Prof Malcolm Thomas Gradd Anrhydedd 2.1 mewn Bioleg Cymhwysol (Technoleg), astudiaeth PhD â’r teitl 'Breakdown products of Vitamin C and their metabolism'

Prof Malcolm Thomas



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I oversee the whole School teaching provision. Main specialist areas include teaching PGCE Secondary Science/Biology, and Health and Education at undergraduate level.

Outside Work

Where time permits I am a keen woodcarver specialising in traditional spoon carving and Welsh lovespoons that has been passed down through the family. My grandfather carved the commemorative lovespoon for Prince of Wales during his investiture in 1969 as well as lovespoon tokens to all sides that the 1974 British Lions played against in South Africa. I have continued the family tradition, and my work is now exhibited in the British Craftsmanship in Wood (ed. Betty Norbury), p. 156. Stobart Davies Ltd) book published in 1990.



My research interests are mainly in health education and nutritional education. Since the mid 90s I have focused primarily on health promoting schools and have conducted several studies in Wales and England and this work has been extended to China and Canada and more recently Nepal. Current research is being undertaken with my colleague Aniko Varpalotai to evaluate the benefits of a Wellness Centre in a rural secondary school in Ontario. The nature of the research has now shifted from health promoting schools in the 90s to healthy achieving schools where there is greater emphasis on the holistic approach of the school as well as the community. It is in this context that current research is being undertaken to identify the needs, practices and challenges facing schools in rural communities.

Other Research Contributions: * Lead a multi-institutional research Welsh Education Research Network (WERN) group into Partnerships in the Rural Community. * Currently a steering group member of the Ceredigion County Council Healthy Families Way of Life Big Lottery project Iachus Gyda'n Gilydd (Healthy Together). * Organised a 'Partnerships' Seminar. Rural Education WERN Bursary Group. 11 June 2008, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University. * Contributed as an Expert in the Panels Reviewing the Welsh Network of Healthy Schools on behalf of the National Assembly for Wales. Cardiff Institute of Society, Health & Ethics, Cardiff University. Conwy. November 2007 * Contributed to Ceredigion Local Health Board's Food and Nutrition Strategy Action Plan as a local response to the Welsh Assembly Government & Food Standards Agency 'Food and Well Being Strategy' and the Ceredigion Health Social Care and Well Being Strategy (July 2005 - March 2008).



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