Welcome to the new 're-shaped' Human Resources Team

Welcome to the Human Resources website. The site is intended to communicate information and advice to staff about employment matters.


The Department is currently reshaping to help streamline the wide range of services HR provides and improve customer service. For further details about the changes, please click here to read the official comms emailed to all staff.
For all recruitment and contractual queries, please use the contact details below;
Tel: (01970) 62 8555  
Email: hr@aber.ac.uk

For HR managerial advice, please click here‌ to view which HR Manager is responsible for your Department and then refer to the contact details below;

Rebecca Kularatne

Ext: 1832

Email: rlk@aber.ac.uk

Elizabeth Merriman

Ext: 2850

Email: ldd@aber.ac.uk

Lesley Spees

Ext: 1839

Email: les24@aber.ac.uk

Joy Arkley

Ext: 3070

Email: joa19@aber.ac.uk

The rest of the website will be updated in due course.