Support the DGES


 ‘So many universities have been established by far-sighted benefactors, or by enlightened authority, but few can claim, with Aberystwyth, that they were founded in response to popular pressure.’
(P Philip 1972)

The DGES is committed to further developing the research prospects of the department and to better the facilities within so that the century to come will be as memorable as our first. Not only do we strive to better our department and to further the advancement and understanding of Geography and Earth sciences worldwide, we also strive to improve continually the prospects and education of our students.

The centenary provides an excellent occasion to expand and improve our broad network of support and connections worldwide. This year we offer opportunities to become part of the DGES’s network; supporting our students in education looking to gain insight into fields of work or research, and also those who are looking to join the world of work. In addition, we are raising funds to promote and finance our 100th year; investing in the future of the department.


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