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Dr Rosemary Cann

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Dr. Rosemary Cann is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education and Lifelong Learning at Aberystwyth University. Rosemary obtained a first class degree BSc degree in Mathematics and Education. She then comlpeted her PhD in mathematical education in July 2008. This focused upon students' participation in mathematics in Wales. Rosemary currently teaches modules relating to child development, educational psychology and mathematical education on the single honours BA degree in Childhood Studies and on joint degrees in Education.



Rosemary's PhD centred upon students' participation in post compulsory mathematics. Since completing this, Rosemary has been conducting research into mathematics education and on education partnerships in rural areas. Rosemary has a keen interest in the counting systems used by multilingual children and how this can impact upon their later mathematical skills. Rosemary is currently working with a colleague in the Department of Psychology at Aberystwtyh University on the use of Welsh counting systems in mathematical development. A number of funded projects can be seen below:

Nuffield Foundation, 'Developing the use of visual representations in the primary classroom'. Proposal for £40,048. Dr. Patrick Barmby, Dr. David Bolden, Maria Stibric (Durham University) & Dr. R Cann (Aberystwyth University).

Welsh Education Rural Network (WERN), 'Education Partnerships in Rural Wales'. Funding of £13000 to enable collaborative networking with members of Cardiff University. Grant holders were Thomas, M., Brake, P., Cann, R., Evans, A., Hagen, G., Jephcote, M., Morgan, D.W., Neil, P., Pester, S., Taylor, C., Woods, M.

Welsh Education Rural Network (WERN), 'Education Partnerships in Rural Wales'. Funding of £10000 to enable a sub-group to prepare for an ESRC bid. Grant holders were Cann, R., Jephcote, M and Thomas, M.


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