Estates Development Department


The Estates Development Department is a major service department of the University, enhancing and developing the estate in a sustainable and efficient manner to ensure an environment conducive to effective teaching and learning.  The major driver for the department is implementation of 'Building our Future', the University's ambitious Estates Strategy for 2012-2027.

 We invest today for your future tomorrow 

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Project Management

The Project Management section develops and manages major projects with a nominal value greater than £25k.

Energy Management

The Energy Management section is responsible for improving the efficiency of the University's use of gas, water and electricity. 


The Administration section provides a comprehensive and efficient support service to the Estates Development Department

Estate and Space Management

The Estate Management section is responsible for the efficient planning, identification, management and co-ordination of interior and exterior spaces within the portfolio.

Compliance and Health & Safety

The Compliance and Health and Safety section ensures the University’s compliance on legislative matters within the department’s sphere of operation.

Property Services Team

The Property Services Team undertakes reactive maintenance and maintains the University grounds.