Agresso is used for the day to day running of the University’s financial processes; areas available for those staff outside of the Finance Department are as follows:

  • Raising Requisitions
  • Approving Requisitions
  • Reporting / Enquiries
  • Purchase Card coding
  • Raising Sales Invoices

All members of staff have access to their Employment record of Agresso better known as AberPeople. In order to request access to certain finance areas of Agresso please visit the related link 'Register for Access to ABW' to request the appropriate access.

Once access has been approved an email will be sent to your University email account confirming your request.


Supplier Forms

Before requesting that a new supplier is set-up please check on ABW that they do not already exist.

The Finance Department will always endeavour to complete standard supplier set-up requests expediently. However, some submitted forms will need to be subject to further checks (typically required to meet audit requirements) e.g. construction related, consultancy related, IT equipment, catering, H&S, services provided by individuals  or high value expenditure. This inevitably delays new suppliers being added to ABW & consideration of this should be given at the outset of the procurement process.  In such situations, we will endeavour to add relevant supplier request to ABW within 4 working days after completing any necessary additional checks.

Please note that the University’s financial regulations require all commitments to expend funds to be documented in advance of receiving any goods, services or works, via an approved Purchase Order.

Customer Forms

If you wish to invoice a Customer please ensure they have already been setup on Agresso, if they have not please complete the form below:

If the Customer has already been setup on Agresso please complete the form below in order to request an invoice to be sent out:

Guides and Information


Requisitions for Purchase Ordering

Before placing any orders with suppliers you must have received an approved Purchase Order (PO), in order to receive a PO you must complete a Requisition on Agresso which will require approval from already designated approvers. Once approved you will receive the PO by email.

Purchase Invoices

All Purchase Invoices (PI) received should include a PO number, ideally all invoices should be sent directly to the Finance Department, should they be received in yuor department please forward onto the Accounts Payable in the Finance Department for processing.

In order to pay any supplier a goods receipt must be completed prior to payment, the purpose of this is to confirm that service/goods you have order have been received.

If a PI has been entered onto Agresso without a Goods Receipt a 'Missing Goods Receipt' task will be sent to the Requisitioner to confirm whether or not the service/goods have been received.

  • Missing Goods Receipt (Coming Soon)

If there is a difference in value between the PO and PI (5% or £50) a task will be sent to the orginal approver of the requisition to confirm that they are happy for the invoice to be paid

  • Purchase Invoice (Coming Soon)

Reporting / Enquiries

Purchase Cards

Once a month all Barclaycard purchase card transaction are entered onto Agresso, usually with the first 5 days of each month, below are guides on how to code and approve the transactions.

Every coded transaction must be entered onto the Purchasing Card Log and passed to the card supervisor along with receipts of the transactions. Card Supervisors should only approve transactions that have been logged.

  • Purchase Card Coding (Coming Soon)
  • Purchase Card Coding - Travel (Coming Soon)
  • Purchase Card Approval (Coming Soon)
  • Purchasing Cards Log (xls)

All Cardholders have access to Barclays Spend Management (External Link) website where they can check the following:

  • Statements
  • All transactions
  • Card Limit
  • Transaction Limit