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Health, Safety & Environment Monthly Message - September 2014

We all love the sunshine, but it is worth keeping your cool to protect yourself over the summer months. Try some of the following hints and tips:
  • STAY HYDRATED! Drink cold drinks such as water and fruit juice regularly – avoid tea, coffee and alcohol
  • NO LYCRA! Wear loose and cool clothing
  • KEEP OUT! Try to stay out of the sun at the hottest part of the day (11 am – 3 pm)
  • BBQ TIME! Ensure and BBQs are outdoors to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, and away from any potentially flammable materials‌
  • DON’T BURN! The NHS suggests using at least SPF factor 15 sun protection - ensure it is in date
  • KEEP IT COOL! Try to keep your office/house cool by closing the blinds and curtains. Also try taking cool baths/showers
  • TIME FOR A SWIM? Remember to re-apply sunscreen after going in the sea and always remember your sea safety
  • LOOK OUT FOR EACHOTHER! Keep an eye out for vulnerable neighbours that may be at risk during a heat wave
  • WHAT ABOUT THE DOG? Our furry friends get rather warm too – don’t leave them in parked cars, even on a cooler day
For more information, see the NHS webpage on Summer Health