Welcome to the University Health, Safety & Environment Department

We're here to support and advise all Departments and Student Bodies in meeting their responsibilities to ensure your health, safety and welfare in the workplace.

We develop University policy for overall health, safety and environmental management, which goes to University Council via the AU HS&E Committee.

We provide training on topics such as general safety, risk assessment, Display Screen Equipment assessment, fire safety and a variety of first aid courses.  We also keep an eye on things and follow-up on safety issues that can't be resolved at departmental level. We manage the Incident and Occupational Health reporting system, the fire risk assessment programme and a variety of other safety and environmental compliance issues.

Overall we are very keen on the principle of prevention rather than cure!

Emergency Actions

Please read this now, don’t wait for an emergency:

Vehicle/Equipment Daily Inspection Sheets

Please click on the links below to download copies as required of the vehicle/equipment daily inspection sheets.

Daily Vehicle Inspection Sheet (.doc)

Daily Telehandler Inspection Sheet (.doc)

Daily Tractor Inspection Sheet (.doc)