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Biology that Delivers reflects our commitment to using world-leading bioscience capability and expertise to address grand challenges facing society. We aim to improve the availability and quality of food; to mitigate and adapt to environmental change; to support and develop the bioeconomy; and through all, to improve the health and well-being of humanity.

‌IBERS has a unique position as a recipient of strategic funding from the BBSRC, as well as being an institute of Aberystwyth University with over 1500 students. As a research institute within the University we trace our origins back to 1919 when George Stapledon FRS, Professor of Agricultural Botany, was appointed as the first director of the Welsh Plant Breeding Station. A quote I frequently use from the eminent professor is ‘The ideal should be for the Station to involve itself to the maximum ……… in commercial enterprise’. The operational budget of IBERS is about £30M per year, about £20M of this is from research: approximately £8M of that is for collaborative projects which involve industrial partners. For every £1 of public funding invested in IBERS we generate over £12 of benefit for the UK economy. We clearly have not forgotten about Stapledon’s ideal and the need to provide leading, underpinning research to support the industries to which our students aspire and on which populations depend.

The four links below give a glimpse into the research undertaken here at IBERS.

Whether you are reading this as a student, a potential collaborator or as an interested observer I hope that you find strong evidence here to support the proposition that to make an impact in a challenging world, biology is a great place to start.

Professor Mike Gooding: Director of IBERS

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Find out more about the postdoctoral fellowship schemes at IBERS here: COFUND at IBERS




Partnerships with the industrial and private sector helps ensure IBERS research remains responsive and relevant to industrial needs. IBERSs entrepreneurial scientists have access to world-class facilities and support to develop strategic alliances and links with industry:  

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