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Dr Catherine Howarth

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Using a combination of DNA markers and trait analysis to elucidate the genetic and physiological basis of agronomically important traits and their introgression to cultivated cereals. Aims include genetic improvement of oats and pearl millet by marker assisted selection leading to improved sustainable production, disease resistance, stress tolerance and end use quality.


Multi-environmental trials reveal genetic plasticity of oat agronomic traits associated with climate variable changesRispail, N., Montilla-Bascón, G., Sanchez-Martin, J., Gil, F. F., Howarth, C., Langdon, T., Rubiales, D. & Prats, E. 2018 In : Frontiers in Plant Science.9, 1358
Haplotype based genotyping-by-sequencing in oat genome researchBekele, W. A., Wight, C. P., Chao, S., Howarth, C. & Tinker, N. A. 2018 (Accepted/In press) In : Plant Biotechnology Journal.
Mapping of easy to screen SSR markers for selection of RFLP markers-bracketed downy mildew resistance QTLs in pearl milletTaunk, J., Sehgal, D., Yadav, N., Howarth, C., Yadav, R. & Yadav, R. 2017 In : European Journal of Plant Pathology.151, 2, p. 401-41111 p.
High-density marker profiling confirms ancestral genomes of Avena species and identifies D-genome chromosomes of hexaploid oatYan, H., Bekele, W. A., Wight, C. P., Peng, Y., Langdon, T., Latta, R. G., Fu, Y-B., Diederichsen, A., Howarth, C., Jellen, E. N., Boyle, B., Wei, Y. & Tinker, N. A. 2016 In : Theoretical and Applied Genetics.129, 11, p. 213302149
Genetic diversity of stay-green sorghums and their derivatives revealed by microsatellitesGalyuon, I. K. A. & Howarth, C. 2016 In : African Journal of Biotechnology.15, 25, p. 1363-1374
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