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Specific research interests include the optimisation of nutrient use from soil to animal products within ruminant livestock systems to reduce reliance on imported feeds and fertilisers and the use of nutrition to improve animal health.


Root imaging showing comparisons in root distribution and ontogeny in novel Festulolium populations and closely related perennial ryegrass varietiesHumphreys, M., Doonan, J., Boyle, R., Camargo-Rodriguez, A., Marley, C., Williams, K., Farrell, M., Brook, J., Gasior, D., Loka, D., Collins, R., Marshall, A., Allen, D., Yadav, R., Dungait, J. A. J., Murray, P. J. & Harper, J. 2018 In : Food and Energy Security. e00145
Increasing legume forage productivity through slurry application – a way to intensify sustainable agriculture?Crotty, F., Fychan, A., Sanderson, R. & Marley, C. 2018 In : Food and Energy Security. e00144
A simulation modelling study of water pollution caused by outwintering of cowsMcGechan, M. B., Barnes, A., Fychan, R. & Marley, C. 2017 In : Computers and Electronics in Agriculture.142, Part A, p. 397-4059 p.
Stability, fatty acid composition and sensory properties of the M. Longissimus muscle from beef steers grazing either chicory / ryegrass or ryegrassMarley, C., Fychan, R., Davies, J., Theobald, V., Scollan, N., Richardson, R. I. & Sanderson, R. 2017 In : Animal.12, 4, p. 882-88826 p.
Novel grasslands for agricultural production and flood mitigationHumphreys, M., Collins, R., Marshall, A., Marley, C., Walawee, N. M. & Doonan, J. 2017 p. 570-5723 p.
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