Dr Graham Brand

PhD "Molecular Approaches to Silage Microbiology", Aberystwyth University; MSc Bioscience Technology, University of York; BSc Biochemistry, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Dr Graham Brand

Laboratory Technician

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Silage microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology.


Vegetation and edaphic factors influence rapid establishment of distinct fungal communities on former coal-spoil sitesDetheridge, A., Comont, D. C., Callaghan, A., Bussell, J. S., Brand, G., Jones, D., Scullion, J. & Griffith, G. 2018 In : Fungal Ecology.p. 92-103
The legacy effect of cover crops on soil fungal populations in a cereal rotationDetheridge, A., Brand, G., Fychan, A., Crotty, F., Sanderson, R., Griffith, G. & Marley, C. 2016 In : Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment.228, p. 49-61