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I studied biochemistry at Glasgow and Stirling Universities before obtaining a PhD from Aberystwyth University on drug metabolism in parasitic worms. After holding a Medical Research Council research post at Aberystwyth (1987-1990) I completed further research training in biotechnology at the BioCentre in Leicester. In 1991 I was awarded a Wellcome Trust Fellowship based at Nottingham University exploring parasite defences against immune assault. A Senior Research Fellowship in the Leicester Pharmacy School (1994-97) provided opportunities in rational drug design and lead compound synthesis. I established the first proteomics laboratory dedicated to parasitic worm investigations during Readerships at the Universities of Aberystwyth and Liverpool (1998-2006). In 2007 I returned to Aberystwyth as a Professor in Parasitology and Founder Director of Postgraduate Studies of IBERS (2008-2013). During my career I have been an advisor in parasite drug discovery to the WHO and completed a number of industrial consultancies. I have published almost a 100 research papers/books/chapters on parasite biochemistry including the first experimental proteomics study in a parasitic worm, and resolved one of the first structures of a worm drug target and I have won research contracts worth over ?3 million on using functional genomics to address problems in parasitology (anthelmintic resistance, vaccine and biomarker discovery).



My main research interest is to resolve using functional genomics how liver and rumen fluke parasites interact with their respective host environments. To date, new parasite proteins have been discovered to support drug and vaccine development and diagnostics . I am also interested in developing new molecular tools to measure anthelmintic resistance in liver fluke and a protein biomarker panel has been identified to measure Triclabendazole (TCBZ) failure and resistance for new laboratory and faecal based field tests.



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