First in Research

A reputation for research excellence is indicated by the results of the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise, which ranks Aberystwyth first among all international relations departments in the UK.

The Department of International Politics is home to an outstandingly talented group of scholars who regularly publish in leading journals and the world’s finest presses.  They are also active participants in major conferences throughout the world, helping to shape the direction of the field and to understanding the most urgent problems of contemporary international relations.

A large and extremely successful graduate school is one of several defining features of an unrivalled research culture.  Over 100 postgraduate students working towards a Masters degree or pursuing PhD research make a significant and valuable contribution to the intellectual life of the Department.  Their considerable achievements are confirmed by conspicuous success in both the academic and professional worlds.

The Department’s extraordinary research culture is also evident in a wealth of events and activities.  Several prestigious annual events, such as the annual E.H. Carr and David Davies Memorial Institute lectures, bring major academic and political figures to Aberystwyth.  Leading scholars join staff and postgraduate students in the weekly International Politics Research Seminar.  Staff and students are able to explore specialised interests in one of thirteen research groups, which host visiting speakers, organise conferences, and run their own seminar series.  And a number of academic journals are edited by members of the Department.