Dr Margaret Ames

BA (Llundain) MA (Cymru) PhD (Aberystwyth)

Dr Margaret Ames

Senior Lecturer in Theatre and Performance

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Artistic Director of Dawns Dyfed community dance project for the west of Wales 1987 - 2007. Performer and devisor with Brith Gof. Senior registered dance Movement Therapist with ADMPUK.



Margaret's area of research is Performance and Disability with a particular interest in work made by and with people with learning disabilities. Aberystwyth based dance-theatre company Cyrff Ystwyth form the focus of this enquiry and they produce new work every year at Aberystwyth University.

Devising Theatre, particularly in a Welsh cultural context. Disability and performance. Director/producer for Cyrff Ystwyth Dance Company, who participate in long term practice based research project.

Co-Investigator with Central School of Speech and Drama University of London on AHRC funded project. 'Challenging 'Liquid' Place'.

Member of International Federation of Theatre Research Working Group: Performance and Disability.

Presented at inaugural meeting of Performance and Disability Working Group at the Hemispheric Institute Encuentro 2014.

Guest Contributor to NO LIMITS Berlin, festival symposium 2013 and 2015 with members of Cyrff Ystwyth



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