Dr Daniel Low PhD Biomechanics

Dr Daniel Low

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science

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Daniel received a BSc in Sport Science from Brunel University in 2004, followed by an MSc from the University of Exeter in 2005. In 2010, Daniel received a PhD from the University of Exeter, where the central theme of his thesis was the investigation of biomechanical changes that occur with different soccer surfaces and footwear. Daniel was a biomechanics technician between 2008 " 2010 and was part of a research group investigating the adaptations to tennis playing surfaces and footwear. Daniel has worked with podiatrists, physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches to provide gait and movement analysis to recreational runners, professional rugby players and a junior international long jumper. In 2013, Daniel received a PGCE in post-16 Education and obtained HEA accreditation.



Principal Areas of Interest:

Daniel's research focuses on lower limb biomechanics and the changes that occur to cause injury to the Achilles tendon and Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Daniel is also interested the biomechanical adaptations that occur in response to change in external conditions such as playing surface and footwear.



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