Dr Jason Wing Hei Kam


Dr Jason Wing Hei Kam

Post Doctoral Research Associate - Plant Physiology

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My previous job here study the collection of Pearl Millet germplasm here in IBERS by identifying genetic regions responsible for desired biochemical composition that may subsequently be beneficial toward consumers.
My PhD has introduced me to drought responsive transcription factors through transcription responses. It has added to the knowledge of drought response and possible strategies that plants employ for countering such adverse conditions. My previous post investigating the lignin content as well as saccharification has enlightened me toward the power of genetics in identifying desired traits in the genome.

My current job is to investigate the potential of using Miscanthus to mitigate flood land as an alternative energy production crop.


Additional Information

This project is funded by EPSRC with many colleraboration. Beside our experties in grassland and environmental research, we also have experts from multi-discipline such as energineering, animal science as well as social sciences and law.


I am interested in the potential of using Miscanthus in Anaerobic Digestion and to identify traits that may further advance the efficiency. In addition, this EPSRC funded project also investigate the potential of using alternative energy crop such as Miscanthus to mitigate erosion caused by flooding. Therefore, it is also important to establish the survivability of Miscanthus in flooded environment.


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