Dr Pip Nicholas-Davies PhD

Dr Pip Nicholas-Davies

Research Associate / Associate Lecturer

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I have a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and a PhD in Plant Science (pasture ecology) from Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. On completion of my PhD I began work as a farm systems scientist for Dexcel (formerly the Dairying Research Corporation), which is the leading dairy research institute in New Zealand. During my time there I developed an interest in environmentally sustainable dairy farming systems, including organic dairy production. Due to the limited organic milk production in New Zealand at the time, I took a year out from Dexcel to participate in a research project at the Institute of Rural Sciences (now part of IBERS Aberystwyth) on organic milk production systems. The work involved investigating and comparing different types of organic dairy farm systems using computer simulation modelling. I found I quite liked Wales and Aberystwyth and am still here many years later! I recently married a Welshman and we have had our first child Megan.

Additional Information

I am a crew member on Borth Lifeboat () and an avid sea rower ()


I am the IRS co-ordinator for Socrates/Erasmus exchange students.



The study of organic and low input food supply chains.



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