Prof Paul Shaw


Prof Paul Shaw


Institute Director of Post Graduate Studies

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I am leader of the Aquatic, Behavioural & Evolutionary Biology (ABEB) research group

My research interests lie in understanding the distribution and maintenance of genetic biodiversity within species (particularly in aquatic systems) using molecular genetic methods, the main aim of such work being to define mechanisms underlying population connectivity, evolution and speciation. The applications of this work are to improve assessment and conservation of genetic biodiversity within exploited (fished) species.
Current interests:

  • genetic management of exploited natural populations and species of potential aquaculture interest (cephalopods and fish)
  • investigating larval dynamics and dispersal in marine species
  • evolution of behavioural / reproductive strategies of aquatic organisms (particularly cephalopods)

My aim is to understand the effect on genetic biodiversity of processes occurring at the level of individuals to populations to species.


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