Photograph of Professor Karl Hoffmann.Professor Karl Hoffmann

Professor of Parasitology and Leader of the Animal & Microbial Sciences (AMS) Research Theme


Office: 3.31, Edward Llwyd Building, Penglais
Phone: 01970 622237


Hoffmann Research Laboratory

Research in my laboratory revolves around trying to answer this question:
How can fundamental studies of developmental biology and gene regulation guide our search for next generation anthelmintic solutions?

Parasitic worms cause some of the most disfiguring, debilitating and chronic infectious diseases of human and animal populations across the globe.  The reliance on limited drug classes to treat affected individuals and the lack of available vaccines to induce protective immunity suggests that current experimental approaches in identifying urgently needed anthelmintics have yet to deliver sustainable solutions.

Acknowledging this challenge and utilising both hypothesis-led and discovery driven research approaches, my laboratory is developing new strategies for controlling parasitic helminths of biomedical importance.  Our specific area of expertise is Schistosoma mansoni, one of the three main trematode species responsible for the neglected tropical disease schistosomiasis. Currently, greater than 200 million people suffer from this chronic and debilitating disease, with 90% of all worldwide cases found in poverty-stricken areas of sub-Saharan Africa where up to 300, 000 individuals will die each year.  Praziquantel is the current drug of choice used to treat schistosomiasis, but the need for repetitive treatment in endemic communities, concerns over the development of drug resistance and an unknown mechanism of action all have contributed to the active search for new chemotherapeutic agents or an effective prophylactic vaccine.

To identify next generation anthelmintics, we have chosen to look for solutions in the interrelated disciplines of helminth developmental biology, epigenetics and gene regulation. Current research activities include individual-gene and (epi) genome-wide investigations and are supported by experimental models of schistosome infection as well as objective analyses of helminth viability and phenotype. We envision that our integrated approach in the study of schistosome biology will enable tremendous strides to be made against an intractable human disease affecting some of the most disadvantaged populations of the developing world.

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