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Professor Iwan Morus with an induction coil which were in use from the 1830s. Between around 1890 and 1920 they were used to generate high voltage to create electromagnetic (radio) waves.

£750,000 to study how science fiction writers and readers anticipate the future


Study will investigate the relationships between science, fiction and popular culture over the course of the long technological 20th century (1887-2007).

£890,000 Big Lottery grant to help older people who experience abuse


Left to Right: Professor Alan Clarke, Sarah Wydall and Professor John Williams

Centre for Ageing, Abuse and Neglect at the Department of Law and Criminology launches £1.3m study into justice and elder abuse.

Gull watch: Hawks and falcons patrol Penglais


Aberystwyth University’s Director of Health and Safety, Phil Maddison with Harris Hawk, ‘Hope’.

Over the past two years, Hawksdrift Falconry has been working with the University to control the population of seagulls on the Penglais campus.

Bar Council of India approves Aberystwyth University Law degrees


Representatives of the Bar Council of India during a recent visit to Aberystwyth University

Bar Council of India approval means that students studying LLM and LLB law degrees at Aberystwyth will now be able to practice Law in India.

Dr Who at Aberystwyth


Wendy Padbury, who played the Doctor's companion Zoe Heriot during the Patrick Troughton era.

Aberystwyth University’s Arts Centre hosts special Dr Who event.