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Mendelssohn letter and signature

Wedding March composer’s restored letters on show


Letters written by Felix Mendelssohn recently conserved and now on show at the University.

Study finds life 800 metres beneath the Antarctic ice sheet


Sediment cores being retrieved from Subglacial Lake Whillans

Aberystwyth University scientist among team that has discovered life under the Antarctic ice sheet.

Aber Academy sees investment of £200,000


Mary Jacob, Tom Bartlett and Karl Drinkwater, Department of Psychology Librarian

New centre opens to develop new learning and teaching materials.


A Memorandum of Understanding


Dr Charles Ologunde, Dr. Theresa Taiwo Akande, Professor April McMahon and Mrs Adeniran Stephania Odusade.

Aberystwyth signs Memorandum of Understanding with The Nigerian Federal Polytechnic of Ado-Ekiti

Alumni success at Eisteddfod


The pink pavilion at the Eisteddfod maes

Two Aberystwyth alumni enjoy Eisteddfod success