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Red Kite - CREDIT Mike Hayward Welsh Kite Trust

Study reveals north/south genetic divide in Welsh Red Kite


A study of the modern Red Kite population in Wales has revealed a north/south genetic divide that runs along the Towy Valley.

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2015


International Women's Day

Aberystwyth University will be celebrating International Women’s Day with a series of events leading up to, and on the day itself, Sunday 8th March.

‘Y Gymru a Fydd? Culture, Social Justice and the Wales that will Be’


Baroness Kay Andrews

Baroness Kay Andrews, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords to deliver a public lecture in the Old College on 6 March.

Drilling ancient African lakes sheds light on human evolution


The Chew Bahir Drilling Project: Preparing to remove a core section in its core liner from the lowermost drill rod © Verena Foerster, University of Potsdam

The Chew Bahir Drilling Project, in a remote part of south Ethiopia, will provide a sedimentary record of environmental changes spanning 500,000 years.

Tributes paid to Professor John Rowlands


Professor John Rowlands

Tributes have been paid to Professor John Rowlands, a former member of staff at the Department of Welsh, who has died aged 76.