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Making a move, Cassie Graham (right) takes on Asha Jina

Aberystwyth hosts British Chess Championships


Aberystwyth University is the venue for this year’s British Chess Championships which take place over two weeks and end on 2 August.

Cows hold key to antibiotics of the future


Dr Sharon Huws

Researchers at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences characterise over 80 novel antimicrobials from microscopic bacteria in a cow’s rumen.

Dr David Whitworth presented with Fellowship Award


Dr David Whitworth

Learning and Teaching Fellowships Award.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords honoured as Fellow


Vice President of Aberystwyth University, Dr Glyn Rowlands, presenting Baroness Kay Andrews as Fellow of Aberystwyth University.

Baroness Kay Andrews, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, former Chair of English Heritage and Aberystwyth alumna, honoured as Fellow.

Founder of Castell Howell Foods honoured


Mr Brian Jones

West Wales farmer and entrepreneur, Brian Jones, who established Castell Howell Foods Ltd in the mid-1980s, has been honoured as Fellow.