Shwmae Su’mae

15 October 2014

Shwmae Su’mae
Shwmae Su’mae

Today is “Shwmae Su’mae” Day – a national Wales-wide event to promote using your Welsh.  The particular aim of the day is to encourage everyone to “give it a go” and use a few words in Welsh if you’re learning Welsh or feel your Welsh is a little rusty, and for those of you that are confident in using Welsh to encourage you to begin every conversation in Welsh!

There is a 10% discount in every University and Student’s Union café today for everyone ordering in Welsh. There is a series of other activities across the Penglais Campus.  Come over to the Piazza at lunchtime – from 12.30pm – where we’re going to try to attempt a record-breaking Folk Dance (clogs and experience not required). 

Many of you will be very aware of the notable part played by Aberystwyth staff and students in efforts over several decades to promote the equal status of the Welsh language.  And these positive efforts continue at many levels in our academic and administrative provision led by the local Branch of the Coleg Cymraeg and the Welsh Language Strategy Committee.  And I’d also venture that Aberystwyth offers the best Welsh-medium Student Experience in the Universe!

Help us celebrate “Shwmae Su’mae” Day today.  Give your Welsh a go by greeting students and colleagues alike in Welsh, or give your Welsh a go in an e-mail or text.  And give others positive encouragement to follow your example.

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Rhodri Llwyd Morgan
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Welsh Language and Culture, and External Engagement
Aberystwyth University
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