The Pumpkin Hack

24 October 2016

The Pumpkin Hack
The Pumpkin Hack

In the gothic setting of the Old College, Aberystwyth Robotics club will host a ‘Pumpkin Hack’ on Sunday 30 October offering families the opportunity to combine creative flair with learning programming and circuit design skills.

This family workshop will be held from 12.00 – 16.00 in the Old College at Aberystwyth University and is aimed at children between the ages of 6 – 12 years old, and their parents.

“During the day, we’ll design a pumpkin head, and with help from our student ambassadors we’ll carve the design into a real pumpkin,” explained Dr Hannah Dee, senior lecturer in Computer Science at Aberystwyth University and a member of Aberystwyth Robotics Club.

“Families will learn about circuits and soldering to make a set of lights to go inside the pumpkin and they’ll learn about programming as they work on making the lights flash on and off.”

The workshop is free for all, however, registration is required as places are limited. Participants will be welcome to take their pumpkins home (please note, there will be a small charge for those who want to take the electronics too).

For further information and to book your place, please visit our Eventbrite booking page.




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Dr Hannah Dee, Department of Computer Science,Aberystwyth University