Dr Dylan Jones PhD

Dr Dylan Jones


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Module Coordinator

In 2005 Dylan was awarded a Post-graduate Certificate in 'Teaching in Higher Education' from Bangor University. The same year he recieved an award for 'Excellence in Teaching' from Aberystwyth University.

Main Teaching Responsibilities

  • Block Leader for Environmental and Countryside degrees at IBERS.
  • Scheme Coordinator for the Ecology and Plant Biology degrees
  • Pathway Leader for Environmental Sustainability for the MSc in Managing the Environment


The investigates how plants and communities respond to various environmental perturbations including UV-B radiation, elevated concentrations of CO2, N deposition and elevated air temperature. Field experiments and glasshouse studies (in the UK and abroad) are used to study the simulated effects of climate change factors on semi-natural and agricultural systems. Plant physiological responses and interactions with other trophic processes (including herbivores, soil and decomposition, herbivores) are also investigated.



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