E-submission FAQs - Feedback

Please note that this page is a subsection of the full document E-submission Frequently Asked Questions. The document is also available to download in its entirety: E-submission Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).



Do I have to return student feedback online from September 2014?  

No, staff who still want to mark on printed copies of essays and return feedback in this format can do so during the first stage of this project. Academic staff are encouraged to submit typed feedback via Blackboard Assignment/Turnitin. The project will continue to offer support and training to academic staff throughout 2014-2015 with the aim of increasing the number of staff who provide feedback electronically.   It is important that departments are clear to students about the process by which they will receive their feedback from the start of the academic year.  From the discussions we have had with the Students’ Union, students would prefer feedback in electronic format. 

When is the feedback returned to students?

At a set date within the 3-week turnaround period, feedback and marks are released to students on the module. This is can be done using the Post Date in Turnitin.

How will e-submission and e-feedback relate to university policy on assessment and feedback?

The university requires timely and appropriate feedback on student coursework, within a guiding set of principles. This can be achieved in a variety of means, not merely electronic. Face to face tutorials, for instance, will continue to be important feedback mechanisms in many departments. The use of e-feedback can, however, enable faster turnaround of marks and feedback, and offers opportunities to provide feedback in different ways which can increase effectiveness. Like any tool, its effectiveness will depend on how it is employed

Is it possible for admin staff to monitor the 3 week deadline for marking and feedback?

Departmental administrators are able to have access to AberLearn Blackboard using the ‘departmental administrator’ role. Accessing the modules using this role will enable staff to look in the Grade Centre and see whether marks have been added. Directors of UG or PG Studies can also been given access to the AberLearn Blackboard courses in the same way. If staff are not using AberLearn Blackboard for marking and returning grades other mechanisms will be needed.