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Aber needs your support.  The history of the University has been built upon the generosity of ordinary Welsh men and women who contributed to the start-up costs and who, to a large extent, ensured its survival over its first fifteen years before any government funding was forthcoming. 

Virtually every major development of the University has been as a result of some form of further philanthropic benefaction, including the land upon which the Penglais campus is built.  Every student who has ever attended Aber has benefitted from this continuous stream of support.  It is our hope that you will wish to continue this wonderful tradition.

The situation is no less vital now.  It is clear that government and assembly funding will not keep pace with rising costs and Aber's ability to maintain and further enhance its reputation, facilities and opportunities for students and researchers will rely to a major degree upon the support of its constituency of alumni, parents, friends and other funding bodies.

This section of our website deals with what support we are looking for, the ways in which you can show your affection for Aber through supporting us, and the ways in which we, in turn, seek to look after our donors and ensure that your views, preferences and requirements are met. 

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Aberystwyth University Endowment Funds

The Aberystwyth University Endowment Fund are donations that have been provided to Aberystwyth University and form a part of the University Investments.

The financial performance of the Aberystwyth University Endowment Fund can be viewed in the Aberystwyth University financial statements.

The market value of Aberystwyth University Endowment Fund Investments are shown in the attached link

Market value of endowment funds investments 2014-2015.pdf