E-submission FAQs - Marking

Please note that this page is a subsection of the full document E-submission Frequently Asked Questions. The document is also available to download in its entirety: E-submission Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).



Do I have to mark online / on screen from September 2014?

No, marking is personal to the member of staff.  The project aims to retain an element of choice with regards to marking.  Staff who wish to mark online can do so immediately and are encouraged to start using the system with their modules before full implementation in September 2014. 

Will student coursework be anonymous?

Yes, both Blackboard Assignment and Turnitin support anonymous marking.

With Turnitin, marking is anonymous up until the Post Date, which is the date that marks and feedback are available for students and marks are posted to the Grade Centre. Once the marks have been posted, the names are revealed within the system and there is no way to make them anonymous again.

With Blackboard Assignment, assignments can be marked anonymously online. Once the marks have been entered, they are visible in the Grade Centre next to each student’s name.  At the time of printing, the coursework is NOT anonymous and the project is considering mechanisms of dealing with this part of the process.

Is there an app for Android devices similar to the Apple app for tablet marking?

At present Turnitin are only committed to producing an app for iOS (Apple). There is growing pressure for an Android app, but this is not something over which we have direct control. We will continue to lobby for an Android app.

Can we still use coversheets or marking grids?

There are several ways of using marking grids or coversheets with electronic submission. It’s best to consult with the E-learning Team on the best way of doing this.