Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to arrange my own school placements?

Partnership schools develop and deliver the programmes in collaboration with the University and understand the requirements for meeting Qualified Teacher Status. This means that you cannot arrange your own school placement and we will do this for you. 

Would I be placed at a school where I have been before?

No, we would not usually place you in a school where you have any links including schools where you have studied, undertaken work experience or where a family member works or studies. 

How many hours of class will there be? Can I work part-time?

The PGCE course is a very intensive professional programme of study. In the university setting you can expect to be in classes from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.  During your professional teaching experiences, you will be expected to attend the school for the duration of the school day. You may also be asked to participate in your school's extra-curricular activities such as parents’ evenings and staff meetings. Due to these long hours and the time recommended for preparation and reflection, it is not advisable to work elsewhere at the same time.