Dr Gemma Elaine Beatty

Dr Gemma Elaine Beatty

Teacher - Field and Conservation Ecology

Lecturer in Agri-Environment & Grassland Ecosystems

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Phylogenomic inference in extremis: : A case study with mycoheterotroph plastomesLam, V. K. Y., Darby, H., Merckx, V. S. F. T., Lim, G., Yukawa, T., Neubig, K. M., Abbott, J. R., Beatty, G. E., Provan, J., Gomez, M. S. & Graham, S. W. 2018 In : American Journal of Botany.105, 3, p. 1-1515 p.
Using genetic monitoring to inform best practice in a captive breeding programme: inbreeding and potential genetic rescue in the freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritiferaKyle, R., Beatty, G., Roberts, D. & Provan, J. 2016 In : Conservation Genetics.17, p. 1323-1332
Broad-scale genetic homogeneity in natural populations of common hazel (Corylus avellana) in IrelandBrown, J., Beatty, G., Montgomery, I. & Provan, J. 2016 In : Tree Genetics and Genomes.12, 122
Genetic analyses reveal high levels of seed and pollen flow in hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna Jacq.), a key component of hedgerowsBrown, J. A., Beatty, G., Finlay, C. M. V., Montgomery, W. I., Tosh, D. G. & Provan, J. 2016 In : Tree Genetics and Genomes.12, 3, 58
The paradox of invasion: Reeves' muntjac deer invade the British Isles from a limited number of founding femalesFreeman, M. S., Beatty, G. E., Dick, J. T. A., Reid, N. & Provan, J. 2016 In : Journal of Zoology.298, 1, p. 54-6310 p.
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