Dr M Mahruf C Shohel

PhD (Manchester); MSc (Manchester); PG Cert (Open); PGCTHE (Aberystwyth)

Dr M Mahruf C Shohel

Lecturer in Education

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Before joining Aberystwyth University, Dr Shohel worked for several British universities including the University of Cambridge, The University of Manchester, The Open University, the University of Sunderland, and Bucks New University. He was an Honorary Research Fellow at the College of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow and an Honorary Visiting Fellow at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Leicester.

Dr Shohel was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology, Faculty of Education and Language Studies, The Open University, UK. There he worked on a large scale multi-partner international collaborative project, English in Action (DFID funded) as well as other international development projects including TEMPUS (EC funded), YOTS (CREET funded) & INSPIRE (British Council funded).

He carried out his postgraduate research on computer assisted language learning & doctoral research on school transition, especially focusing on transitionfrom nonformal to the formal education sector, using Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory as a theoretical framework. He worked as a Research Intern with BRAC, the world largest NGO in terms of programmes & employees, several times during his doctoral research. He has been working with a research group in Manchester which is focusing on fieldwork research in the global south.

In 2007, he was a Guest Lecturer at the University of Helsinki, Finland. In 2012, he was, through a very competitive selection process appointed as a Visiting Fellow at the Innocenti Research Centre, UNICEF Office of Research, Florence, Italy. His current research interests include learning journey of individual students, teachers' professional development, technology in education, English language teaching and learning, childhood poverty and educational exclusion, education for disadvantaged children including sex workers' children, street and working children in the global south.

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Fellow, Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Member, British Educational Research Association (BERA)

Member, British Association for International and Comparative Education (BAICE)

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Sosyoekonomi (Peer Reviewed International Journal)

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Educational Thoughts (Peer Reviewed International Journal)


Module Coordinator

Dr Mahruf Shohel's educational background and work experience provided him the opportunities to utilise his skills and expertise in education and international development, teaching and learning, and educational research methods. His primary teaching interests include international development, globalisation and education, education for sustainable development, nonformal education and community development, teachers' professional development, technology for enhancing teaching and learning, inclusive innovation in education, gender and education, urbanisation and climate change as well as research methodologies (both qualitative and quantitative).


His research is very much related to the broader field of education and international development from which most of his research works and publications have been derived. His research has particularly focused on areas of teaching and learning; education and development; school transition; using technology for enhancing teaching; teachers' professional development; and nonformal education and community development. Throughout these themes he has engaged with a critical analysis of the equity and social justice issues, with specific emphasis on access to education and learning for disadvantaged children.

His research interests include ecological systems theory and transition in educational settings with the application of mixed method longitudinal interpretative studies to explore the experience of individual students.

Current Research Project

  • Research-led Teaching at Undergraduate Level: Developing a Toolkit for Undergraduate Dissertation Tutors

Funding Received

  • Teaching English language at secondary schools: Effective integration of ICT to enhance teaching and learning in Bangladeshi classrooms
  • Enhancing higher education teaching and learning in Bangladesh: Fostering the pedagogical knowledge, teaching skills & research capabilities of early career academics
  • Capacity development of faculties of education in international approaches to teacher education
  • Uplifting communities towards quality primary education through university graduates
  • Impact of education on sex workers and their Children: Case studies from Bangladesh
  • Critical area research to improve formal schooling for disadvantaged children & young people in Bangladesh
  • Students' Lives Study: Exploring academic and personal lives
  • Teachers' Lives Study: Exploring professional and personal lives
  • Educational research in cross-cultural perspective: Exploring the possibilities and challenges in Bangladesh
  • Exploring classroom practice and teachers' views about using technologies in UCEP schools


Departmental International Coordinator

Programme Coordinator, BA in Education Studies (Single and Joint Honours Degrees)


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Innovation and Creative Schools for Disadvantaged Children in Bangladesh and NepalShohel, M. & Acharya, D. R., 2016 , In Search of Creativity: A compilation of International Studies. Finland: Council for Creative Education (CCE) FInland
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