Miss Panna Karlinger BSc, PGCTHE (Aberystwyth), FHEA

Miss Panna Karlinger

Lecturer in Education

School of Education

Part-Time Teacher - Maths

Lifelong Learning

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I came to Aberystwyth in 2016 after finishing high school in Hungary and went on to gain the Colin Easthope Award (2017), VC Morton Prize (2018) and Pennington Prize in Pure Mathematics (2019) for academic excellence during my undergraduate studies. I graduated in 2019 with a first class joint honours degree in Mathematics / Education, and proceeded to pursue a PhD in education which I started in September 2019 also in Aberystwyth. My research focuses on cyberbullying and antisocial online behaviour in higher education, but alongside my studies I also undertake teaching duties in the Mathematics, Education and the Lifelong Learning departments, where I have been given the Mentor of the Year (2019), Postgraduate Teacher of the Year (2020) and Lecturer of the Year (2021) awards and was further nominated for Academic Representative of the Year (2019) and Creative Marker (2020). I worked as one of the central coordinators of the Peer Guide Scheme at the university located in Student Support (2020/21), teach in the Further Mathematics Support Program for Wales (FMSPW) with Swansea University (2018 onwards), and spent a term teaching in the Lifelong Learning Department of the University of Sheffield (2021).


Module Coordinator

My main teaching areas in maths are GCSE mathematics (equivalency), Calculus and Further Algebra and Calculus, Introduction to Statistics, and foundations of Mathematics (the Mathematics Tutotial module). Within education, I have been undertaking teaching duties in various areas, including Mathematical Development in the Early Years and curriculum development in the Making Sense of the Curriculum module. I also teach Year 1 modules such as Key Skills, Child Development and Learning, Play and Learning and Safeguarding on Year 2. Finally, I also have a number of dissertation students on their final year.

Students attending my sessions are in for a fun ride, with unicorn stickers and memes on their assignments, and quick responses to emails. However, teaching does not end when the sessions finish, and so supporting students with academic and/or personal difficulties is very important for me. For this reason I am also trained in mental health first aid to be able to better help any struggling students.


My research focuses on cyberbullying and antisocial online behaviour in higher education institutions in England and Wales and how they correlate to the Dark Tetrad and Big Five Inventory traits. My study also aims to explore victimastion amongst university teaching staff and how cyberbullying experiences affect university and student experience.


My main responsibilities include lecturing in Education, teaching the GCSE mathematics equivalancy courses for current and future PGCE students in Lifelong Learning, mathematics tutorials for Year 0 and Year 1 students in the department of Mathematics, coordinating the Education departments's Peer Guide (or Peer Mentor) Scheme and I'm also the marketing lead for the School of Education, organising open and visiting days, overseeing marketing strategy and conversions. I have a number of personal tutees in Education, where I also teach a variety of modules, seminars or supervise final year dissertation students in Childhood Studies and Education degree schemes.

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  • Wednesday 3pm-4pm