Research Students' Consultative Group


The composition of the Research Students' Consultative Group (RSCG) is as follows;

  • Chair – Head of the Graduate School
  • One representative from each Department
  • One representative from GradSoc
  • One representative from the Students’ Union
  • One representative from Part-time Research Students
  • One representative for International Research Students
  • One representative for Welsh-medium Research Students
  • One representative of academic staff per Faculty
  • One representative from Information Services
  • One representative from the Academic Registry
  • One representative from Human Resources
  • One representative from Careers

Reporting Lines

The Research Students’ Consultative Group shall report to the Research Degrees Committee. It shall meet at least twice per academic year.

Terms of Reference

  • To receive minutes of Departmental postgraduate research student / staff consultative committees
  • To consider issues relating to the general graduate-student environment
  • To make recommendations to the Research Degrees Committee
  • To provide an opportunity for students and staff to discuss issues of concern in an open forum
  • To consider issues arising from student feedback questionnaires

Current Members

Past RSCG Minutes