Aberystwyth School of Veterinary Science

Aberystwyth's School of Veterinary Science are pleased to announce the launch of the first Veterinary Science course in Wales. This joint Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) degree offers you a unique opportunity to train at two world-leading scientific and educational institutions: Aberystwyth University and The Royal Veterinary College.

The Veterinary Science course has been designed to train students to identify, medically and surgically treat, and prevent diseases of animals, including household pets, farm animals, zoo animals, and horses.

Throughout this comprehensive course, we will help you acquire an understanding of the basic biological principles of normal body function and disease, and the ability to distinguish the pathological from the normal, to prevent disease and safely manage the processes of animal production.

You will also explore opportunities to further veterinary knowledge through research, and develop the expertise to diagnose and treat disease and alleviate suffering along with the professional skills you need to work and communicate effectively in practice.

In the first two years, you will be based in the heart of Wales at Aberystwyth University, studying the biology underpinning veterinary sciences, acquiring basic farm animal, horse and companion animal handling and examination skills, and developing your communication, problem-solving and team-working skills. Aberystwyth University has a long history of animal health teaching and research and is committed to educational excellence.

In your third year, you will be based at RVC’s Hawkshead Campus where you will acquire advanced knowledge and practical skills in clinical science necessary for you to participate fully in clinical practice at the RVC, collaborative practices, and in private veterinary practice in your fourth and fifth year. Additionally, in your fourth or fifth year, you will return to Aberystwyth University for specialist clinical rotation training for a limited time.

Further details to follow in early 2020.