Ammar Alrawahi, MSc Equine Science

Director of the Equestrian Logistic Service, Oman Royal Cavalry

"’You will be proud of yourself’.

A statement made by the coordinator for MSc in Equine Science, Dr Mina Davies Morel, which targeted all my power to rise to the real challenge posed by the course as I had a long gap from studies after my BSc (1999/2004).

I began the MSc Equine Science in 2013/2014 and used my dissertation as an opportunity to investigate beetroot to be as fiber source in the horse diet. Throughout the course, I have learned and developed many scientific skills especially in Equine Nutrition. Nowadays, I count my MSc as my knowledge backbone, which requires being active to be fit and build more muscles (targeted knowledge). I work now with Oman Royal Cavalry as Director of the Equestrian Logistic Service and I am responsible for more than a thousand horses, in most equestrian disciplines: including flat race, endurance, beauty and breeding stud.

Therefore, I can strongly say that 'I am proud of myself'”