Kirsty McDougal, MSc Equine Science

BHSAI, INTSM, HE Equine Science lecturer. HND and Foundation Degree Course Manager, Equine Practical Co-ordinator, now studying for PhD Aberystwyth University

"I chose the MSc at Aberystwyth as after my undergraduate course I felt that it would give me a competitive edge when looking for employment later on. I also felt that it would be a good opportunity to further my research skills and experience.

The course itself was a fantastic experience that not only helped me develop professional skills but also make contacts which have been invaluable. The staff at Aberystwyth provided enthusiasm and a wealth of experience which made it a really enjoyable year. The qualification, combined with BHS qualifications, without doubt helped me to secure my previous role as senior lecturer to HE students on a variety of subjects ranging from first year anatomy and physiology to final year managing equine health. I am now studying for my PhD at Aberystwyth University."