Lauren Spinks, MSc Equine Science

Studying for Veterinary Science degree at the University of Surrey

"After completing my undergraduate BSc (Hons) Animal Science at Writtle College, I decided to progress on to a master degree. The MSc at Aberystwyth was ideal and having a particular interest in large animals, I was able to specify in the second semester to delve deeper into the subject areas of which I was most interested in. The MSc created the perfect platform for me to be successful in my future aspiration of becoming a veterinary surgeon and gave me a great advantage on application and at interview for vet school. Not only does the MSc allow for independent academic development but it also provides many opportunities such as going to scientific conferences; for instance we were able to attend the BSAS conference in Chester, helping to keep up to date with new scientific research in the area of your choice. The lecturers were extremely supportive along the way and I was fully satisfied with the quality of teaching throughout the course.

Although very challenging, I found the course was very interesting and enjoyable. During my time at The University of Aberystwyth I was able to make so many new friends and memories that I will cherish forever. I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to study in the most beautiful part of the country, deep in the Welsh countryside. Aberystwyth may be just a small town in the middle of “nowhere” but amongst all of the “nothing” I was able to find myself and I can truly say that I have loved every moment of the whole experience."