Rosy Lyon, MSc Equine Science

Lecturer in higher education animal science back at Bishop Burton College

Having completed my Honours degree in Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation at Bishop Burton College I decided to challenge myself further through the MSc in Equine Science at Aberystwyth University. The MSc differed from my previous equine therapy focus as there were some subject areas I had not explored in depth before. Funnily enough these ended being the modules enjoyed the most!  Namely the animal genetics and infection and immunity modules were my personal highlights of the course. I also particularly enjoyed mixture of traditional lectures with the numerous dissections and laboratory practicals that took place across many modules. In addition, I have also gone on to present my masters dissertation findings at two conferences, developing skills which have helped me in my current position. During my final term, whilst writing up my Masters dissertation, I started my journey into lecturing in animal science. I am currently a lecturer in higher education animal science back at Bishop Burton College, teaching across a wide range of equine and animal science modules including; immunology, genetics and biochemistry. I would without doubt say that my MSc experience prepared me for this role as I can apply my knowledge across a wide range of subjects I lecture in and not just equine! I can say that my Aberystwyth experience is something that I will never forget and I will always have the IBERS department to thank for broadening my horizons in the fields of both animal and equine science.