Bryan Harte, MSc Livestock Science

Technical Sales Specialist with Grassland Agro

"After completing an undergraduate degree in Animal Science I returned to the Emerald Isle and started working with Grassland Agro. Grassland Agro are first and foremost a fertilizer company which also have a range of ruminant mineral supplements. I was in this job for just under a year, and at this stage I had spoken to a number of senior management in Grassland Agro and also in different companies about career progression. They all had different opinions, however the one thing they all agreed on was that a MSc would practically be a “must have” in the not so distant future.

It was at this stage I started to begin to look into the different MSc options. With a keen interest in livestock function and nutrition, the MSc in Livestock Science at Aberystwyth University seemed to provide everything I was looking for! The course was broad enough that many different aspects of livestock science were covered while also allowing you to focus on what really interested you, by allowing you to choose the titles of your assignments and dissertation. An excellent night life and rugby may have also contributed to the decision to come to Aber. . . . .

For my dissertation I worked with Professor Jamie Newbold investigating the effects of a plant extract (saponins) on the protozoal population in the rumen. After completing the lab work I moved home to Ireland to write up the dissertation. I was also lucky enough that Grassland Agro had held my position, so I was able to start working straight away when I moved home. On a typical day I meet with a few merchants which sell our stock and also walk potato, wheat and silage crops which were treated with our fertilizer. The purpose of walking such crops is to demonstrate to the farmer the benefits of using our products, so they will hopefully continue to buy the product.

The knowledge and experience I gained from completing an MSc in Livestock Science is vital in an industry which is increasingly getting more technical and complex. Having now completed the MSc I am very confident I have many of the skills required to progress my career within the agricultural industry."