Manod Williams BSc Agricultural Science, MSc Livestock Science

PhD Student

"Studying towards an MSc in Livestock Science was a highly beneficial choice in terms of academic and personal development. The course was challenging. It provided a detailed understanding of the biological function of livestock species, their management, and how we can work towards providing sustainable global food security. With this, I firmly believe that the course would provide the candidate with the knowledge and frame of mind to fulfil any role within the livestock sector, or indeed to pursue further academic studies. I was lucky enough to gain a scholarship from the Coleg Cymraeg to study for a PhD focused on using GPS as a means of detecting the early onset of lameness in dairy cattle. I may not have achieved this without studying for the MSc; a choice I can be proud of having made and one which will certainly improve my employability should I choose to follow other roles within livestock production having completed the PhD."