Xenofon Dimitrakopoulos DVM, MRCVS MSc Livestock Science

Owner of a mixed animal veterinary practice in Greece.

"I was working as a Veterinary Surgeon in the Greek Livestock industry for three years when I felt the need to improve my knowledge and understanding in the area of livestock nutrition. A significant number of health issues in livestock derive from improper nutritional management and I was seeking a course which could enrich my knowledge and offer me the potential to implement on-farm nutritional strategies. The Livestock Science MSc in Aberystwyth University was the most suitable for my needs. IBERS is globally the most recognizable institute in livestock nutrition, combining numerous aspects of animal science. Vast research on livestock productivity, microbiology, genetic improvement in both livestock and plants are a few of the scientific areas covered in IBERS.
    So here I was in Aberystwyth. A small, but 'big', town at the same time. Nice memories with my fellow students and professors but most importantly a scientific lift off. During the course I had the opportunity to discover in depth the connections between livestock nutrition, productivity and disease development. State of the art laboratories with the latest equipment, a library with vast resources and teaching personnel always willing to assist, turned the course into a journey to knowledge.
     This last year scientifically I was more equipped, ready to provide solutions for farmers and the feeding industry. With my dissertation I made my contribution to the research on bovine lameness investigating the impact on productivity. However Livestock Science MSc added to my personality as well as scientific knowledge. Cooperation with students from all around the globe, team work and above all getting to live in original Welsh scenery and getting to meet the true warm Welsh people.
     After my Welsh journey I returned to Greece and applied my knowledge to my clients. Running a mixed animal veterinary practice is a hard task itself however my experience in IBERS assisted me in providing optimal nutritional services, which add extra value to my practice.
     If your target is professional improvement and scientific enrichment in the livestock nutrition area do not hesitate to become a member of the vast IBERS family. Pob iwc"