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Mrs Devibala Kasinathan

Lecturer in Healthcare Education (Registered Nurse - Adult)

Department of Life Sciences

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Devi Kasinathan is an Adult Nursing Lecturer for the Nursing programme.

Devi has been a registered nurse for over 20 years. For most of her career, she worked in the critical care unit and emergency department. Her expertise are intensive care nursing, trauma nursing and Emergency nursing. After completing her Masters in paediatric nursing in 2008, Devi followed her passion for teaching diploma and B Sc Nursing students in India.

Devi has previously worked as a team leader in the Accident and Emergency department at Bronglais hospital. She is a certified advanced life support provider for both adults and paediatrics. She is an expert in Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC). She is also an active Medical Emergency Response Team (MERIT) member. She is qualified in acute life-threatening events recognition and treatment (ALERT)

Devi is highly competent in most of the Emergency department procedures like triaging, treating minor injuries, Intra venous canulation, lumbar puncture, abdominal paracentesis, seldinger chest drain, log roll, cardiac pacing, cardioversion overdose, sepsis recognition management, diabetic ketoacidosis management, stroke recognition and management, falls risk assessment and management, drug overdose management. and other emergency procedures

Devi was also a lead in departmental audits and team briefing.

Devi is  currently doing her Post graduate certificate of teaching in higher education




NU10120- Introduction to professional practice

NU10220- Developing professional practice

NU10320 - Understanding  the human body 

NU10460 - Demonstrating Professional Practice

NU20120 - Introduction to field-specific Nursing  ( Adult)

NU20320 - Complex field-specific Nursing ( Adult)

Nu20520 - Pathophysiology of Common conditions (Adult)


Module lead- NU20120 Introduction to specific-field Nursing (Adult)



Lecturer Adult Health Nursing