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Having graduated from Bristol Veterinary School in 2016, I went into small animal general practice for 4 years. I developed a keen interest in research after completing a research Masters, as an intercalated degree, in veterinary parasitology while at Bristol. So in 2020 I began a PhD at Aberystwyth University using multi-omics approaches to try and improve understanding and diagnosis of tuberculosis in badgers and cattle. Focusing on using metabolomics and whole genome sequencing to study their microbiome. With a clinical background in small animal practice I am keen to also develop other projects, especially with the advent of the Aberystwyth School of Veterinary Science, and so in collaboration with the RVC I have been using metabolomics to assess feline clinical samples, initially focusing on hypertension.

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Doctor of Philosophy 

Improving diagnostics in badger and cattle tuberculosis through multi-omics approaches

Funded by KESS 2 Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships

Commercial funders: NFU Cymru and ProTEM services 


Principles of Veterinary Practice

One Health Microbiology

Microbial pathogenesis

Applied Animal Biology

Veterinary Infectious Diseases

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