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Academic Year
Semester 2
SG30720 Any ONE of these 4 modules
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Course Delivery



Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment The rehearsal process: development and progress throughout the period of preparation and rehearsal  20%
Semester Assessment The active manifestation and development of rehearsal work in public performance  40%
Semester Assessment Contribution to planning, devising and execution of the workshops  20%
Semester Assessment Oral examination  20%

Learning Outcomes

Typically, upon completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an intelligent awareness of the challenges which Shakespearean text offers in the context of performance, directed towards primary or secondary school students
  • Effectively participate in the creation of the public performance of the text, using appropriate skills
  • Grasp the concepts behind, and organisational procedures appropriaet for the creation and presentation of educational workshops on the text
  • Reflect critically on their contribution to both the production and workshops

Brief description

Students will work on the Schools' Shakespeare Project as part of the performance and/or production team. An experienced staff director will direct the production which will be presented to the public. As well as considering the challenges inherent in interpreting the text chosen for contemporary theatre audiences, students will engage in a series of practical sessions, designed to enable them to create workshops for schoolchildren visiting the performance. Where appropriate, students will work alongside professional performers cast in specific roles in the project.

Entry for this module is by formal interview and audition with at least two members of Departmental staff.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Communication The development of communication skills is intrinsic to all aspects of performance. The ability to interact effectively with schoolchildren forms an important part of the workshop element for this module.
Improving own Learning and Performance Progress throughout the rehearsal process and the ability to reflect critically on individual achievement attained.
Information Technology Students may choose to make use of on-line materials to locate data and documentation relevant to their research, but this skill will not be separately assessed.
Personal Development and Career planning Personal development and career planning will not be explicitly developed through this module, however, many of the generic skills developed through the practical work of this module will have significant transferability to a wide range of contexts
Problem solving These skills are developed as the students respond to the different challenges that emerge during the process of transferring page to stage
Research skills These skills are developed through preparation for rehearsals and the workshops, although these skills are not directly assessed.
Subject Specific Skills The module will enhance and develop the students' understanding of the potential of theatre as a means of communicating with a particular audience, in this case, schoolchildren
Team work The development of team working skills is intrinsic to all group performance situations. Team leadership skills also form an important part in the assessment of the workshops.

Reading List

General Text
Students will be required to read the set text chosen and consult the relevant volume of both 'Shakespeare in Performance' and 'Text in Performance' Primo search Aers, L and Wheeale, N (1991) Shakespeare in the Changing Curriculum Routledge Primo search Alfreds, Mike (2008) Different Every Night Nick Hern Books Primo search Barton, John (1984) Playing Shakespeare Methuen Primo search Berry, Cicely (1993) The Actor and the Text Virgin Publishing Primo search Berry, Cicely (1993) Voice and the Actor Virgin Publishing Primo search Boal, Agusto Games for Actors and Non-Actors Adrian Jackson Primo search Brown, John Russell (ed) (2008) The Routledge Companion to Directors' Shakespeare Routledge Primo search Carey, David and Rebecca Clark Carey (2008) Vocal Arts Workbook and DVD A&C Black/Methuen Primo search Davies, Oliver Ford (2007) Performing Shakespeare Primo search Hagen, Uta (1991) A Challenge for the Actor MAcmillan Primo search Hall, Peter (2003) Shakespeare's Advice for the Players Oberon Books Primo search Henderson, Diana E. (ed) (2007) Alternative Shakespeares 3 Routledge Primo search Houseman, Barbara (2008) Tackling Text and Subtext Nick Hern Books Primo search Linklater, Christine (1992) Freeing Shakespeare's Voice Theatre Communications Group Primo search Marowitz, Charles (1991) Recycling Shakespeare Macmillan Primo search McAvoy, Sean (2006) Shakespeare: The Basics Primo search Meyer - Dinkgrafe, Daniel (2001) Approaches to Acting, Past and Present Cassell Primo search Moseley, Nick (2006) Acting and Reacting Routledge Primo search Pennington, Michael (2008) Sweet William: Twenty Thousand Hours with Shakespeare Nick Hern Books Primo search Weingust, Don (2006) Acting from Shakespeare's First Folio Routledge Primo search


This module is at CQFW Level 6