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Semester 1
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Semester Assessment Essay  2,500 words  100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

thoroughly understand the complex relationship of performance and drama and theatre.

understand and critically apply the complex terminology associated with performance.

critically address the issue of the purpose of performance in today's world.

add their own cogent views to the topical debate on performance.


-To develop an understanding of performance in relation to drama, and theatre.
-To develop methodology and vocabulary relating to relevant theories of performance.
-To develop a thorough discourse of critique performance.
-To provide a framework for assessing performance artists' practice.


Text-based theatre, the object of study in the Introductory Module of all MA schemes offered in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, has been complemented, over the last half of this century, by an increasing emphasis on non-text-based performance, which, in turn, is not limited to the theatre. Performance requires a different set of criteria for discussion, and these have been proposed in performance theory. The module will introduce students to principles of performance, forms of performance (genres, rehearsal, and production and presentation), and issues of documenting and criticising performance.

Reading List

Essential Reading
CPR Resources, viewings of Contemporary Avant-Garde, Performance Art Installation Work, Non-western Material Primo search
Recommended Background
Auslander, Philip From Acting to Performance Routledge Primo search Diamond, Elin Performance and Cultural Politics Routledge Primo search Gimblet, Barbara K. Destination Culture University of California Press Primo search Goldberg, Roselee Performance: Live art since the 60s Thames and Hudson Primo search Gomez-Penna, Guillermo Dangerous Border Crossers Routledge Primo search Phelan, Peggy (Ed) The ends of Performance NYU Primo search Schechner, Richard Performance Theory Primo search


This module is at CQFW Level 7