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Course Delivery

Delivery Type Delivery length / details
Seminars / Tutorials 10 x 1 hour seminars
Lecture 18 x 1 hour lectures


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment 2 X 2,500 WORD ESSAYS  40%
Semester Exam 3 Hours   60%

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:
a) Demonstrate familiarity with a substantial body of historical knowledge in the field of eighteenth century Irish history.
b) Engage in source criticism, discussion and understanding of eighteenth century Irish politics and society.
c) Demonstrate familiarity with a wide range of historical techniques relevant to work on the development of Protestant political culture in Ireland.
d) Gather and sift appropriate items of historical evidence.
e) Read, analyse and reflect critically on secondary and primary texts.
f) Explore the relationships between history and other disciplines, particularly literary studies and art history.
g) Develop the ability to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of particular historical arguments and where necessary challenge them.
h) Develop oral and written skills which will have been improved through seminar discussions and essays.
i) Work both independently and collaboratively, and to participate in group discussions.

Brief description

This module will explore the society, culture and politics of Ireland during the second half of the eighteenth century. Students will examine the ways in which Ireland's Protestant community, normally associated with loyalism and unionism, developed its own brand of `nationalism'. They will also consider the impact of Anglo-Irish relations on the development of Ireland's political culture.

Reading List

Recommended Text
D. Dickson (1987) New Foundations: Ireland 1660-1800 Primo search D. N. Doyle (1981) Ireland, Irishmen and Revolutionary America Primo search E. M. Johnston (1963) Great Britain and Ireland 1760-1800 Primo search F. G. James (1973) Ireland in the Empire 1688-1770 Primo search G. C. Bolton (1996) The Passing of the Irish Act of Union Primo search J. C. Beckett (1966) The Making of Modern Ireland 1603-1923 Primo search J. Kelly (1992) Prelude to Union. Anglo-Irish Politics in the 1780s Primo search J. Smyth (1992) Men of No Property. Irish Radicals and Popular Politics in the Late Eighteenth Century Primo search M. Elliot (1982) Partners in Revolution: the United Irishmen and France Primo search N. J. Curtin (1994) The United Irishmen: Popular Politics in Ulster and Dublin 1791-1798 Primo search N. L. York (1994) Neither Kingdom Nor Nation. The Irish Quest for Constitutional Rights, 1698-1800 Primo search R. B. McDowell (1979) Ireland in the Age of Imperialism and Revolution 1760-1801 Primo search S. Clark and J. S. Donnelly Jr. (1992) Irish Peasants: violence and political unrest 1780-1914 Primo search T. Bartlett (1992) The Fall and Rise of the Irish Nation. The Catholic Question 1690-1830 Primo search T. W. Moody and W. E. Vaughn (eds.) (1986) A New History of Ireland, iv, Eighteenth Century Ireland 1690-1800 Primo search M. J. Powell (1998) 'Reforming the Undertaker System: Anglo-Irish Politics 1750-1767' IHS 121 Primo search T. Bartlett (1990) '"A People Made Rather for Copies than Originals": The Anglo-Irish, 1760-1800 The International History Review 12 Primo search


This module is at CQFW Level 6