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Academic Year
Semester 2
Mutually Exclusive

Course Delivery

Delivery Type Delivery length / details
Lecture Two lecture/practical sessions of 1 hour each per week
Lecture 11 Hours.
Practical 8 Hours.
Other 2 Hours. Video Lecture.


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Project - Senario - YAWROTOM GROUP CARS plc Exercise in the use of datebases and spreadsheets to simulate a decision support enviroment Yawrotom Grouop Cars plc (Yawrotom) is a medium sized manufacturer of cars and light commerical vehicles. Its current range consists of 4 models of saloon/hatchback cars and 1 model of van. Yawrotom has relied entirely on the UK market and has not experienced with direct export, although its dealers sell some cars to overseas traders. Up to 1997 sales had been to dealers who maintained a stock of models to sell within commodity market. This enable Yawrotom to keep its production costs low, with a single production line to handle all the models. During the early 1990s Yawrotoms market share steadily declined. This was ascribed to the growth in sales of Japanese cars within the UK market. Yawrotoms senior management decided to change the production/marketing strategy form the commodity approach to a bespoke service for dealers. For the last two years (1997 and 1998), dealers have ordered vehicles as they are ordered by customers, and to the customers specifications. As aresult, the production-push manufacturing system was replaced by a demand-pull one. The available data relating to sales include records of the last two years sales accounts (1997 and 1998) in computer database format (Works for windows or Microsoft Access). As the Director of Information Services and therefore a member of the senior management team at Yawrotom you must take you part in the strategic planning processes of the organisation. Your fellow directors on the board will expect to receive concise and informed reports on which they can base their decisions. Exercise: Your paper to the board of directors will be in two parts. 1. An information services statements, briefly indicating the signifiance of information in the strategic management process. 2. A position statement for the organisation. indicating characteristics of historical and forecast sales. As appendices to the position statement, include the following: . a computer generated graph of sales ( as units shipped) per month over the two years as single time-series (ie the horizontal axis should run January 1997-December 1998); . a print-out of sales per vehicle model in terms of revenue with appropriate chart; . a graph of units shipped over 1997 and 1998 with the least squares regression line indicated; . a graph of forecasted units sales figures for 1999 with the extrapolated trend being ameded by inclusion of seasonal factors. The aim is to produce statements and appendices that offer maximum information with relevant data only. Clarity is a priority. The information services statement should not exceed 500 words. The text of the position statement should not exceed 400 words (excluding any text in the appendices). All graphs and charts should be computer generated.  Project Report: By the end of week 23  100%

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

* Describe the information needs of managers;

* Assess the value of decision-making skills amongst managers;

* Appreciate the design of forecasting systems which support management decisions;

* Design a simple decision support system to provide senior management reports;

* Evaluate management information systems using a tool-box of measurement criteria.


The module aims to encourage an understanding of information as a resources in organisational decision making and of the principles behind systems developed to use information in decision support.


This module is at CQFW Level 7