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Seminars / Tutorials 5 Hours. 5 x 1 Hour Seminars
Lecture 16 Hours. 16 x 1 Hour Lectures


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Semester Assessment 1 x 2,500 word essay  40%
Semester Exam 2 Hours   60%

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Brief description

This module aims to provide students with an understanding of the course of European international relations from the end of the First World War through to the outbreak of the Second World War. It will focus on contending interpretations of this crucial peruiod in European history.


  • The concepts of a 'European Civil War' and a 'Thirty Years War'
  • The politics of peacemaking in Paris, 1919
  • European and international politics during the post-war decade
  • The Locarno Era and European appeasement
  • The impact of the depression on international politics
  • The rise of Fascism and Nazism and their impact on international relations
  • Appeasement
  • The rise of the USSR and its role in the international relations of the inter-war years
  • The politics of International Disarmament
  • The end of Versailles and the collapse of Locarno: 1935 - 1936
  • The outbreak of the Second World War
Lectures and Seminars

1. Introduction: The impact of the First World War on International Politics.
2. Peacemaking in Paris (I): Reparations and European Security.
3. Peacemaking in Paris Versailles (II): Nations , and mandates and the Bolshevik challenge to the international order.
4. The League of Nations: towards a new diplomacy?
5. From Versailles to Locarno: the emergence of a new order?
6. The impact of the Great Depression.
7. The rise of revisionism: Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.
8. The Japanese bid for hegemony in Asia and the Pacific.
9. Civil War in Spain.
10. Soviet foreign policy and the coming of war.
11. Britain, France and Appeasement.
12. The making of the Second World War in Europe.

1. What is international history?
2. Peacemaking in Paris
3. The Locarno system
4. Ideology and International Politics
5. The revisionist powers: Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy
6. Japan and the challenge to the international order in the Pacific
7. Appeasement
8. The Soviet Enigma


This module is at CQFW Level 6