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Semester 3 (Dissertation)
All core modules on MA Radio Production

Course Delivery



Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment Submit a proposal and pitch for a programme idea within the factual programming genre. The programme should be aimed at either BBC Radio Wales or BBC Radio Cymru. As well as submitting a written proposal, you will be expected to present the pitch to the tutor. After necessary revisions, you will present your pitch to an industry practitioner and your performance will be assessed by your tutor.   10%
Semester Assessment Based on Assessment 1, produce the individual programme of up to 30 in duration (to a specified budget). The final programme should be delivered on CD.   60%
Semester Assessment Supporting documentation in the form of a production journal should include the original proposal and analysis of choice of presenter, details of amendments and changes required during the production process and how they were undertaken, the budget, the production schedule, all research notes and their sources including contact numbers and email addresses, all contributors details, drafts of programme structures as they develop, final programme structure, list and duration of FX and intended music including music copyright not cleared by BBC blanket cover, all other necessary clearances undertaken, proof that BBC guidelines have been adhered to, health and safety risk assessment form, drafts of programme scripts, final programme script, final running order, details of content of all meetings with presenter and contributors and editorial guidance given, recording and editing notes, final paperwork and delivery details.  20%
Semester Assessment Critical Analysis of 2000 words  10%
Supplementary Assessment Resits of assignments will follow the original pattern but on a different topic/creative structure.  100%

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. Synthesise their editorial knowledge within an explicit, professional, practical context demonstrating an ability
  2. to work to a specific broadcaster'r brief.
  3. Act autonomously in planning, implementing and producinga substantial work of factual radio regarded as
  4. being of a professional level.
  5. Have matured their understanding of radio formats, narratives and audiences sufficiently to be able to
  6. produce an appropriately targeted long-form programme and to critique their own work.

Brief description

Students will develop the concept though all stages of production under the supervisionof contracted staff, culminating in the production of a radio programme of up to 30' duration.


Students will develop a programme idea and pitch following the structure of the BBC Radio Wales/Cymru commissioning round. Once a pitch has been presented and agreed with the tutor, the student will produce an individual factual programme of up to 30 ' in duration. The student will be responsible for all aspects of the production- the initial concept, the research, the recording, scripting, editing and paperwork.


There will be no lectures in this module. Instead students will receive individual supervision through the stages of pre-production, production and post production.

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Budgeting skills will be developed
Communication Communication is the object of the exercise in this long from production
Improving own Learning and Performance Improving one's own learning and performance is imperative in this long form production.
Information Technology More often than not, an integral part of programme making.
Personal Development and Career planning Career planning should be well advanced by this stage.
Problem solving It is unusual for a radio production to be executed without facing editorial and practical dilemmas. These will have to be solved if the programme is to be produced and broadcast.
Research skills Research skills are honed for the undertaking of the 30 minute radio production.
Team work The students will be mainly working as individuals on this long form production but will have to show an aptitude for dealing with others in the making of the programme.

Reading List

Recommended Text
Access to the BBC Wales Radio Archive Primo search


This module is at CQFW Level 7