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Semester 1
Mutually Exclusive
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Course Delivery

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Seminars / Tutorials


Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment 1 X 2,500 WORD ESSAY & 1 X 4,000 WORD ESSAY  40%
Semester Exam 3 Hours   3 QUESTION CLOSED EXAMINATION  60%

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:
Describe and assess the demographic and spatial patterns of urbanisation in Wales over a period of 250 years

Critically examine the social and political consequences of urbanisation

Locate the urban social experience within the broader context of modern Welsh and British History

Present historical arguments with increasing confidence and sophistication, both orally and in written work

Interpret historical evidence with increased care and sensitivity

Brief description

This module will give students the opportunity to study in detail one of the main engines of social change in the modern period ? namely urbanisation. The causes of urbanisation will be assessed, and demographic patterns analysed. Thereafter, the course will focus on the social consequences of urbanisation. The traditional interpretation of the early industrial settlements of the south as `frontier societies? will be critically analysed, and cataclysmic events such as the Merthyr Rising will be examined. The more extensive and rapid urbanisation of the later nineteenth century will be studied, and seminars will discuss various dimensions of life in the towns ? public health, crime and morality, immigration, spatial divisions and leisure patterns for instance ? and different urban experiences will be compared. The emergence of a civic ideal and civic consciousness, and its effects on identity and concepts of community, will be analysed. The final part of the course will trace the urban experience in the twentieth century, by studying the depression, planning and housing reform, post war reconstruction and urban renewal. The content of the module will be placed within a conceptual framework provided by the development of urban history as an important sub-discipline over the last 40 years.


The module will offer students the opportunity to study the development of human society in Wales over a comparatively long time-frame, tracing the transition from a largely rural society to one dominated by urban settlements. Students will be able to study the social implications of this upheaval.


1. Introduction
2. The theory and practice of urban history
3. Welsh towns and demographic patterns from the early modern period
4. The development of spa resorts
5. The early industrial settlements ? the industrial economy and the `Frontier Society?
6. The frontier society and socio-political upheaval, 1800-1850
7. Mass urbanisation in the south ? the development of the mining valleys
8. Urbanisation in the north
9. Crime and immorality in the town
10. Public health and the construction of an urban infrastructure
11. The growth and limitations of civic pride and consciousness
12. Immigration and ethnic diversity in the town
13. Mass leisure and culture, 1870-1939
14. The small towns and rural depopulation
15. Housing, planning and social reform
16. The Welsh in urban exile ? London, Liverpool and the USA
17. Post war reconstruction, town planning and regeneration
18. The urban-rural dichotomy and the construction of Welsh identity

Module Skills

Skills Type Skills details
Application of Number Students will be presented with statistical data concerning migration, demographic change and the physical development of towns. The appropriate use of such statistics will form part of the assessment of the essays where appropriate.
Communication This skill will be developed through the two essays and the seminar discussions. Students will also be expected to give seminar presentations during the term. This skill will be assessed as part of the assessment of the essays. Seminar presentations are not formally assessed but feedback is given.
Improving own Learning and Performance Essays will be returned in essay tutorials where advice will be given on improving students? research techniques and essay writing skills.
Information Technology Students will be encouraged to locate suitable material on the web and to access information on CD-Roms and to apply it appropriately to their own work. Students will also be encouraged to word-process their work. These skills will not be formally assessed.
Personal Development and Career planning This module will help develop written and oral skills. Other activities, including research, assessment of information and writing in a critical and clear manner, will further develop useful skills of analysis and presentation.
Problem solving Students will be expected to identify and respond to historical problems and carry out appropriate research before the seminars and before writing essays. This will be assessed as part of the assessment of the essays.
Research skills These skills will be developed through the research students are expected to carry out before the seminars and for the essays. This will be assessed as part of the assessment of the essays.
Subject Specific Skills The module will further develop students? ability to gather historical evidence from a range of sources, and incorporate it into coherent arguments within a conceptual and theoretical framework.
Team work Students will work together in seminar preparation and discussion

Reading List

Recommended Text
Andy Croll (2000) Civilizing the Urban Primo search Asa Briggs (1963) Victorian Cities Primo search C. Williams (1998) Capitalism, Community and Conflict Primo search D. J. V. Jones (1992) Crime in 19th Century Wales Primo search Derek Fraser (1990) Cities, Class and Communication Primo search Dyos and Wolff (1973) The Victorian City (2 vols) Primo search G. A. Williams (1978) The Merthyr Rising Primo search Harold Carter (1965) The Towns of Wales Primo search Ieuan G. Jones (1987) Communities Primo search John Davies (1980) Cardiff and the Marquesses of Bute Primo search M. J. Fisk (1996) Housing in the Rhondda Primo search Martin Daunton (1977) Coal Metropolis. Cardiff 1870-1914 Primo search P. Ellis Jones (1983) Bangor: 1883-1983 Primo search P. Lord (1998) The Visual Culture of Wales: Industrial Society Primo search P. O?Leary (2000) Immigration and Integration: the Irish in Wales Primo search R. Williams (1973) The Country and the City Primo search W. E. Minchinton (1969) Industrial South Wales Primo search (2001-2) The Cambridge Urban History of Britain, volumes 2 and 3 Primo search Journal of Hisorical Geography Primo search Llafur Primo search Urban History Primo search Urban History Yearbook Primo search Welsh History Review Primo search


This module is at CQFW Level 6