Module Information

Cod y Modiwl
Teitl y Modiwl
Blwyddyn Academaidd
Cyd-gysylltydd y Modiwl
Semester 2 (Dysgwyd dros 2 semester)
Staff Eraill sy'n Cyfrannu

Manylion y cyrsiau

Math o Ddysgu Manylion / Hyd Dysgu
Seminarau / Tiwtorialau 1 seminar every fortnight

Dulliau Asesu

Math o Assessiad Manylion / Hyd Assessiad Cyfran
Asesiad Semester 1 x 10000 word project  100%
Asesiad Ailsefyll All failed elements of the assessment must be retaken if the students average mark falls below the required pass mark of 40%. 1 x 10000 word project   100%

Canlyniadau Dysgu

Wedi cwblhau'r modiwl dylai'r myfyrwyr:

Undertake independent study

Plan and present an extended investigation: aims; literature review; methods; analysis

Demonstrate skills which are associated with library-based study: effective use of bibliographic searches; an ability to choose relevant sources; a sound knowledge and understanding of sources; critical interpretation of sources; an ability to synthesise sources; an ability to present coherent argument;

Demonstrate research skills in a small-scale investigation: an appropriate method of data collection; an appropriate method of data analysis; an awareness of ethical and legal issues in data collection; to apply the results of the analysis to the aims of the dissertation.

Disgrifiad cryno

This module provides students with an opportunity to investigate a topic of their own choice, in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. It involves independent study under the guidance of a member of staff. It necessitates wide reading, leading to an extended essay. It requires library-based study and typically involves small-scale empirical investigation. Prior approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies is needed before pre-registering and registering on this module.


During fortnightly seminars, students will be given specific guidance on their individual projects.


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