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Students must have successfully completed one of these three modules. DR10320, PF10320 and SG10320.

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Assessment Type Assessment length / details Proportion
Semester Assessment For information on due dates for submission of assessed work, please refer to the departmental web pages at   Individual presentation  80%
Semester Assessment Workshop Development: Attendance, contribution to and development in workshops  20%

Learning Outcomes

Typically by the end of this module, a student will be able to:

1. -demonstrate his/her understanding of the three major roles within the stage management team.

2. -realise the important management, administrative and communication skills required for the modern stage manager.

3. -communicate effectively and appropriately their responses and solutions to the key questions/challenges raised by their individual tracking allocations and the workshop sessions.

4. -apply the relevant and most appropriate skills required to organise, administer and manage all areas of the stage management process.

5. -recognise and analyse the function of stage management within the context of creative performance practice.


In this module, the students will be introduced to the relevant theory, organisation, structures, skills and management processes as they exist within a contemporary stage management team, and to recognise and analyse its function within creative performance practice. In order to contextualise and illustrate this process students will 'track' a major departmental production within the second semester. This module will allow students to take an holistic view of the stage management team structure and its processes without full responsibility for its performance delivery, either as a stand alone module or in presparation for a full stage management role at level 3 in the first semester of the third year.


Lecture/workshops and tracking will focus on relevant theories and processes of performance management as well as examining the roles and functions of the team in managing contemporary performance practice. It will introduce students to the relevant systems for use in pre-production, rehearsal performance and post-production periods. Students will examine different types of theatrical venues and structures and explore the differences in stage management systems, process and management, in the context of live performance will be addressed.

Reading List

Essential Reading
Baker, Hendrick Stage Management and Theatre Craft J.Garnet Miller Ltd Primo search Bond, Daniel Stage Management - The Gentle Art A+C Black Primo search Hawkins and Menear Stage Management and Theatre Administration Phaidon Primo search Hold, Michael Stage Design and Properties Schirmer Books Theatre Manuals Primo search Kenton, Warren Stage Properties A+C Black Primo search Reid, Francis The Staging Handbook A+C Black Primo search
Recommended Text
Kelly, Thomas A. A backstage Guide to Stage Management Watson Guptil Primo search Motley Theatre Props Studio Vista Primo search Palin, Gail The Essential Handbook Macmillan Primo search Stern, Lawrence Stage Management Allyn and Balon Primo search

Please note that students may find it useful to read the essential reading for all other design courses, Directing and Acting Modules.


This module is at CQFW Level 5